May 6, 2018

5 house shifting tips from experts in the business

If you’ve ever shifted house in your lifetime, you’d know what a difficult task it is. There are several things to look after when planning a move.

The best way to deal with this is to make checklists and follow it.

Apart from that, here are 5 house shifting tips fro experts in the business, to ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free home move.

1. Hire trusted and reliable packers and movers

The moving business is full of fake movers. This is coming from someone who has seen the industry closely, so you can believe me. A lot of people get scammed because of this every day. Mover promise to move your home, take an advance and either don’t show up at all, or don’t deliver your goods at the destination at all. Imagine this happening to you. Sounds scary, right?
Avoid getting cheated. Hire trusted and reliable packers and movers from a reputed brand.

2. Don’t DIY

Moving is not easy. Don’t even think so. Even if you are moving short distance, it is ideal that you hire packers and movers to do the job.

Executing a move yourself is tedious and risky. You can hurt yourself. Or damage your furniture. You don’t want either of this happening, do you?

Avoid all the chaos and hire professional packers and movers. It is also cheaper than planning and executing a move yourself. Yes, you read that right.

3. Plan your move well in advance

Moving home takes planning and preparation. Ideally, you should start planning a move 2 months in advance.

If you’ve seen one of those home moving checklists, you will know exactly how much work it involves. 2 months is actually the minimum you need. Experts usually say, the sooner you start planning your home move, the better it is.

4. Check all your items for damage before and after the move

Before moving, get insurance for all your goods. Ideally, the moving company you are hiring does this for you.

Before the packers arrive, inspect and make note of any damages to the furniture or electronic equipments.

Do the same after the items have been moved. This way, you will be able to identify if there has been any damages to the goods during the move.

5. Don’t let the chaos get the better of you

I’ve seen a lot of people fall sick or get injured during a home move. It usually happens because they are overwhelmed by the chaos.

This only makes the whole process harder than it actually is. The key is to keep calm and manage everything patiently.

If you follow this advice shared by experts, you are sure to have a happy home shifting experience.

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