July 24, 2018

5 things your home moving company isn’t telling you

Good movers really do make your life better, and they don’t have to cost a ton. To make moving simpler for you, we’ve found some inside secrets that you might find useful.

If you’re planning a home move soon, do follow these 5 tips.

1. Compare quotes before hiring a mover

Don’t hire the first mover you come across. Look age multiple movers and choose the one that best fits your budget.

It is advisable to not go for the cheapest movers.

Choosing a good moving company is very important to ensure a happy home moving experience.

2. A by-the-hour estimate isn’t always the best way to go

Most estimates are by the hour, but that is not the only way movers price a move. Also, it may not be your cheapest bet. Hourly estimates work best for smaller moves while weight works better for larger moves. To get the best deal ask for quotes based on hourly rate, weight, and distance.

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3. Check for hidden costs

Before hiring a relocation agency, make sure you’ve confirmed how much you will be paying for the move.

Once you’ve signed the contract, there is hardly a way out. To avoid confusion later on, it is best that you talk about hidden costs clearly.

4. Save time by packing all your personal stuff before the packers arrive

If everything is packed properly and whatever can be disassembled is done by you, then you will save time. Pack all your personal belongings before the movers-packers arrive. This way, you won’t have to interfere when they’re doing their work.

5. Make sure your household goods are insured

Typically there is basic liability coverage offered by movers in case some goods get damaged. Before hiring packers and movers, make sure to ask what is covered by the insurance and what isn’t. This will help save grief later on, in case something gets damaged and you decide to file a claim.

Moving home isn’t easy. Anyone who has moved in the past will agree with me. But difficult doesn’t have to mean chaotic.

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